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On hold messaging for company phone systems.

Audio Demos on hold messaging customer

Demo 1, Healthcare
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Demo 2, Financial
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Demo 3, Distributors
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Demo 4, Education
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On Hold Marketing is a different kind of on hold company. Unlike many companies, we answer the phone when you call. We answer your questions and keep our promises. Our production team ensures high-quality audio, we have in-house studios and we get to know your business. Call us at 800-342-0098 to learn more.

Why On Hold Marketing is different:

  • We do all the work
  • 70 years combined telecom, VoIP, production, and marketing experience
  • In-house writers, studios, and sound effects libraries
  • Programs longer than the industry average
  • Multiple v/o talents available on every program

What Is Our Marketing Process?

We take a multi-angle approach to boosting your business’s image, taking care of your callers and marketing your products and services in your messages. Our marketing process is as follows:

We Listen

We listen to you to better understand your business and your business model. We then, with your input, craft a custom designed script (for your approval) to satisfy your callers and keep them from hanging up from frustration or impatience. While we are at it, we also look for chances to share more about your products/services with callers.

We Write & Produce

We ensure your messages are handled by professional and experienced voice actors and tied together with a Hollywood blockbuster-worthy soundtrack that’s pleasing to the ear as well as your intended market.

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Take Great Care of Your Customers, Even When They’re on Hold

We script engaging on hold messaging that ensures customers are compelled to stay on the line.

While callers are used to being put on hold when they call a company, they don’t like to remain on hold for longer than absolutely necessary, and that timeframe varies between callers. Rather than risk a caller hanging up and getting in touch with one of your competitors, our on hold messages are made to keep them on the line and holding for your company.

When callers are engaged throughout the entire phone call, you can utilize new sales opportunities with them. During their on hold time, through effective on hold messages, your customers may learn about products your company offers and specials that they may not have known about. Not only is this a better use of hold time, it’s a great way to keep callers coming back to you again and again.

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