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On hold messaging for company phone systems.

Audio Demos on hold messaging customer

Demo 1, Healthcare
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Demo 2, Financial
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Demo 3, Distributors
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Demo 4, Education
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Can you entertain, educate, or even up-sell customers who end up on hold when they call your company? We can help you do all of that and more. With our years of proven results, in-house studios, and knowledge of the business, we will create an on hold messaging program that will enhance your company’s image and be an effective marketing tool. Listen to our demos, browse our site, or just call us at (800) 342-0098.

What Is Our Marketing Process?

We Listen

We’ll help you determine if you need equipment and recommend a plan for productions that will reduce hang-ups and complaints about the hold time, and increase the caller’s awareness of your products and services.

We Write

We discuss your business or practice, caller profile, current marketing, web sites…drawing out what makes you unique. Then we craft a script featuring the topics you choose.

We Produce

Your approved script is recorded with two professional voice artists and mixed with soundtrack quality music that fits your target market.

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We script engaging on hold messaging that ensures customers are compelled to stay on the line.
When your callers are put on hold, do you take advantage of the opportunity? Those who can use that time to inform, engage and entertain both current and potential customers will be more effective in their efforts to keep them on the line. Businesses that don’t may find it hard to keep customers away from their competitors.

If a caller does not feel compelled to stay on the phone, chances are they will hang up. When they disconnect, typically the next step could be to pick up the phone and call a similar company. If your organization allows this to happen, you have probably lost that customer or new sales opportunity.

Engage Your Customers With On Hold Messages

That’s why we stress the importance of providing engaging audio content to each caller while they wait. Effective hold messaging can not only compel individuals to stay on the line, it can also uncover new sales opportunities by marketing certain products and services.

Our in-house staff of writers, producers and voice talent understand what goes into making strong messaging, and we construct on hold messages that fit each of our customers’ needs. By listening to our clients and obtaining an understanding of their business, we can start writing a powerful message that will resonate with the appropriate audience. Our production crew ensures high-quality audio that will relay information in a clear and easy-to-understand format.

Ultimately, we want to turn your wait times from a challenge into a marketing opportunity. For more information, feel free to browse our site, listen to our demos or call us at 800-342-0098.