Custom On Hold Messages – Audio Demos

audio on-hold

Keep business from slipping away with a customized on hold messages.

  • Increase sales
  • Cross-promote products and services
  • Improve customer service
  • Create a more professional business image
  • Generate more revenue from your existing customers

And we do all the work: All script writing, properly licensed music, professional voice talent, digital recording and 100% maintenance-free digital equipment. Click on the demo categories below to hear examples of custom on hold messages.

Rest assured that any on hold program we create for you will feature only the best in professional voice artists and soundtrack quality music background. Interested in our process? Call us at (800) 342-0098 to find out how we will address your specific needs.

Specific Industries Demos

nursing home on hold
…family members hear how much you care…

Hospice ▶ custom player
Nursing Home
Nursing Home ▶ custom player

Retirement Community ▶ custom player
medical office on hold
…creating more patient patients…

Medical Office 1
Medical Office 1 ▶ custom player
Medical Office 2
Medical Office 2 ▶ custom player
Hospital ▶ custom player
Plastic Surgery

Plastic Surgery Practice ▶ custom player
veterinary on hold
…pet lovers hear how to keep their pets healthy…


Veterinary Practice ▶ custom player
Veterinary Animal

Veterinary Animal Hospital ▶ custom player
dental office on hold
…patients hear how to keep their smiles bright…

Dental Practice 1
Dental Practice 1 ▶ custom player
Dental Practice 2
Dental Practice 2 ▶ custom player
hvac distributor on hold
…turning your Hold into Gold!

Distributor –
Flooring &

Distributor – Flooring & Partition ▶ custom player
Distributor –

Distributor – Building Products ▶ custom player
Distributor –

Distributor – Plumbing ▶ custom player
Distributor –

Distributor – HVAC ▶ custom player
Distributor –

Distributor – Electrical ▶ custom player

Voice Talent Demos

Male Voice Talent

Bob Demo 1 ▶ custom player
Bob Demo 2 ▶ custom player
Brian Demo 1 ▶ custom player
Brian Demo 2 ▶ custom player
Chris Demo 1 ▶ custom player
Chris Demo 2 ▶ custom player
Jay Demo 1 ▶ custom player
Jay Demo 2 ▶ custom player
Jeff Demo 1 ▶ custom player
Jeff Demo 2 ▶ custom player
Mickey Demo 1 ▶ custom player
Mickey Demo 2 ▶ custom player
Rob Demo 1 ▶ custom player
Rob Demo 2 ▶ custom player
Tim Demo 1 ▶ custom player
Tim Demo 2 ▶ custom player

Female Voice Talent

Andrea Demo 1 ▶ custom player
Andrea Demo 2 ▶ custom player
Erin Demo 1 ▶ custom player
Erin Demo 2 ▶ custom player
Jaden Demo 1 ▶ custom player
Jaden Demo 2 ▶ custom player
Katie Demo 1 ▶ custom player
Katie Demo 2 ▶ custom player
Laura Demo 1 ▶ custom player
Laura Demo 2 ▶ custom player
Melissa Demo 1 ▶ custom player
Melissa Demo 2 ▶ custom player
Meredith Demo 1 ▶ custom player
Meredith Demo 2 ▶ custom player
Tara Demo 1 ▶ custom player
Tara Demo 2 ▶ custom player

More Industry Demos

Auto Sales
Auto Sales ▶ custom player
Industrial & Manufacturing – Power
Industrial & Manufacturing – Power ▶ custom player
Bank 1
Bank 1 ▶ custom player
Industrial & Manufacturing – PVF
Industrial & Manufacturing – PVF ▶ custom player
Bank 2
Bank 2 ▶ custom player
Law Practice – Personal Injury
Law Practice – Personal Injury ▶ custom player
Credit Union 1
Credit Union 1 ▶ custom player
Law Practice – Full Service
Law Practice – Full Service ▶ custom player
Credit Union 2
Credit Union 2 ▶ custom player
Service Company – Pest Control
Service Company – Pest Control ▶ custom player
Education – Community College
Education – Community College ▶ custom player
Service Company – Lawn Maintenance
Service Company – Lawn Maintenance ▶ custom player
Education – University
Education – University ▶ custom player
Truck Sales Demo 1
Truck Sales Demo 1 ▶ custom player
Financial Services 1
Financial Services 1 ▶ custom player
Truck Sales Demo 2
Truck Sales Demo 2 ▶ custom player
Financial Services 2
Education – Community College ▶ custom player


(This is just a sample of the thousands of music beds in our licensed music library.)

Music Genre Good for this business type Description
Light Contemporary
Light Contemporary Demo ▶ custom player
Any A light, contemporary feel with natural, earthy sound that is relaxing and pleasing to the ear.
Classical Demo ▶ custom player
Financial; legal A professional and dignified experience for your on-hold messages, with selections that bring a sense of calm and authority.
Driving Rock
Driving Rock Demo ▶ custom player
Any business that caters to a younger audience or any energetic, active business Features drums, electric guitars and the driving beat of rock music, but leaves out the screaming vocals. This genre of music generates a feeling of energy and excitement.
New Age
New Age Demo ▶ custom player
Spa; vacation resort Traditional strings, no drums, no keyboards, no wind instruments.
Fanfare Demo ▶ custom player
Any business with marketing announcements of new products and services You’ll want to use this style of music to get attention for your important announcements, such as a grand opening or new products and services. Listeners will know automatically that something worthwhile is coming up.
Contemporary Jazz
Contemporary Jazz Demo ▶ custom player
High tech; manufacturing; any Upbeat selections that set an up-tempo environment. Energetic but won’t conflict with the intent of your message.