Posted on: March 28, 2017, under Senior Care

On Hold Messages For Assisted Living / Nursing Homes

In the United States, over 12 million Americans are making senior living decisions for their loved ones. That number increases every year. The needs of every senior citizen vary from independent living to fully managed care. A family member calling on behalf of a parent or grandparent can feel overwhelmed during the decision-making process. How Read the full article…

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Posted on: March 10, 2017, under Hosted VoIP, On Hold Messaging

What is MFSP and why is it good for On Hold Messaging on Hosted VoIP systems?

As business phone systems continue to move to the cloud and away from hardware based solutions, the capabilities of providing On Hold Messaging are impacted.  The traditional practice of connecting a 3rd party ‘player’ to a physical port on a wall mounted phone system is waning, though not completely.  So what happens when there is Read the full article…

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Messages On Hold
Posted on: March 1, 2017, under On Hold Messaging, Senior Care

How Do Care and Comfort On Hold Messages Work For My Retirement Community?

Americans are living longer than ever, and there’s more of us making it later into life. Not everyone wants to spend their golden years concerning themselves with housework, yard work, home maintenance or in many cases, even grocery shopping. Many Americans are considering retirement communities offering varying levels of independent and assisted living arrangements. And Read the full article…

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Posted on: February 24, 2017, under Medical, On Hold Messaging

How Do Patients On Hold Messages Work For My Orthopaedic / Spinal Practice?

By the time a phone call is placed to an Orthopaedic practice, or other practice that deals with spinal injuries, it’s pretty likely a serious injury has occurred…or at least…the caller or someone close to the caller is experiencing some amount of pain due to an injury or accident. Chances are they’ve already dealt with Read the full article…

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on hold veterinary messages and music
Posted on: February 2, 2017, under On Hold Messaging, Veterinary

How Do Paws On Hold Messages Work For My Veterinary Office?

Veterinary practices enjoy a benefit that not many other businesses or industries can claim. Callers to your office, as a concerned and loving pet owner, are already pre-disposed to avail themselves to your services and the veterinary products you provide. While they may have some knowledge of the topic they’re already calling about, the time Read the full article…

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Posted on: January 18, 2017, under On Hold Messaging, Telephone Systems

How To Add Avaya IP Office Music On Hold

Avaya’s IP Office offering comes in a variety of flavors.  This short blog is intended to help Avaya users better understand their options when it comes to deploying Avaya IP Office music on hold with messaging on their system or systems. The Basics of Adding Music On Hold with Messaging Music on hold with messaging Read the full article…

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dental office on hold
Posted on: January 16, 2017, under Dental On Hold Messages, On Hold Messaging

How Do Smiles On Hold Messages Work For My Dental Office?

Imagine this, it’s Monday morning.  Dental patients on hold have been waiting all weekend, some with real tooth pain, to call your office to make an appointment.  They’re impatient and fearful that they won’t get relief soon….and you’re getting more calls than you can possibly answer. This happens to dental practices every Monday morning in Read the full article…

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Posted on: December 8, 2016, under On Hold Marketing, On Hold Messaging

Advertising In More Than One Place At A Time…It’s a Virtual Thing

Scotty, beam me up…                                    …and over there…and yes over there too! In the spirit of getting more done, isn’t this everyone’s dream?  Not just to be “beamed”…or have your message beamed to prospects instantly, but to have it “beamed” to multiple prospects at once? Absolutely, it’s what communications is all about…having your message represented Read the full article…

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On Hold Messages for Patients.
Posted on: June 29, 2016, under Medical, On Hold Best Practices, On Hold Messaging, Telephone Etiquette

On Hold Messaging Strategies for Physicians and Dentists

Doctors and dentists can provide a high-quality patient experience just from using an on hold messaging system, instead of investing in a system that may not apply to their services. 

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Posted on: May 6, 2016, under Customer Service, On Hold Best Practices, On Hold Marketing

Do’s & Don’t in Call Handling… How Call Handling Loses Business

by Rich Moncure My inspiration to create this article is based on a series of experiences I recently had over a short 2 day period as I made telephone calls to several businesses.  It is important to describe the nature and purpose of my phone calls to these businesses.  The calls were a combination of: Read the full article…

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