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Every caller placed on hold is an opportunity. The right on hold messaging program can maximize the marketing potential every time you put a caller on hold. We’ve helped 100’s of businesses increase their sales—now let us help you. With On Hold Marketing, you will receive a professionally written and produced on hold marketing program that will engage each caller you put on hold—every single time.

With 50 years combined experience, we are a highly experienced on hold marketing and messaging company

pricing on hold“The experience was seamless and all my needs were met at a very low cost as compared to other marketing opportunities. The level of professionalism in my offices is heightened by this service. I can’t say enough good things about OHM.” —Cathy, Virginia We experience a 96% renewal rate among our customers every year.

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What Your On Hold Messages Should Communicate

Assure the caller that you know they’re on the line waiting, that you appreciate their business (and their time), and that you’ll be back on the line with them as soon as possible. The content of your messages should engage the caller’s attention, build trust, and create interest in your products and services. Our in-house studio and 50-years combined on hold experience guarantee you the highest quality on hold message.

Listen to samples of our work:

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Updating Your Message

Your plan’s investment is partially based on how often you want your messages changed. Timely messages tied to current promotions or seasonal factors can greatly increase the effectiveness of your on hold message. We’ll share our experiences to help you determine what’s best for you.

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Our clients love the quality, the value and most of all, the results.

“While preparing our marketing budget for the upcoming year, it became apparent that On Hold Marketing is THE most effective, value added service we’ve added for marketing and patient education.” – Marilyn Kitchens, Rappahannock Family Practice
“On Hold Marketing delivers a quality product for a nominal investment. It’s a great way to reinforce our marketing efforts. This is the second organization for which I’ve used On Hold Marketing to launch such a service. I recommend OHM highly.”- James Goss, CentraState Healthcare System
“We just give On Hold Marketing the basic outline and they use their experience to create a message that calls the customers to action. We are constantly getting inquiries that reference the message they heard while on hold. This works great.”- Eric Streed, Goodin Company

Working with Your Phone System

Your phone system has a lot to do with the kind of program you need to purchase. Unsure of what you use? No problem. We have over 28 years of experience working with phone systems just like yours. We can help you understand what you have and what you need in order to integrate your on hold messaging system. In less than 5 minutes, we can identify your phone system setup and determine what you’ll need to get started.

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On Hold Pricing Download Buying Guide

On Hold Pricing

On Hold pricing starts as low as $39/month for an annual subscription. Your phone system and how often you change your message will likely impact the final investment. We are committed to finding the combination that works best for you in your situation. Download our buying guide to learn more or give us a call to find out what your investment would be.

Plans as low as

Annual Subscription
Semi-Annual Subscription
Quarterly Subscription

*multiple location rates are significantly lower

Why Choose On Hold Marketing?

  • Experience. Tells us what does NOT work when creating your On Hold Messaging program.
  • In-house Studio. Gives us complete quality control, quicker turnaround times as needed, consistent voice talent and more flexibility.
  • Phone System Experience. Our vast knowledge of industry telephone system offerings (Digital, VOIP, Hybrid, Hosted) is critical in determining the most effective methodology in setting up and managing an On Hold Messaging system. The technology platform our customer deploys often has a way of dictating how we create the On Hold Messaging program from an artistic standpoint.
  • Customer Service. We answer your phone call to our main phone number with real people during business hours.
  • Exceptional Voice Talent. The “voice” of your On Hold Messaging program can often become somewhat iconic to your brand. Selecting the ‘voice’ is an important aspect of what we do. The majority of our voice talent has been on board with On Hold Marketing for ten years plus! It is critical to recognize that good ‘radio’ voice talent does not necessarily translate into good ‘on hold messaging’ voice talent.
  • Project Management. We do it all! Once our clients have helped us identify the topics, we do the writing, editing, music selection, voice selection, and the final production of the program. We help oversee the deployment of the production onto the client’s phone system.
  • Consistently Happy Customers. We’ve maintained 96% of our customer relationships since 1989. This is because our experience with just about every kind of business and practice is hard to find anywhere else.


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On Hold Pricing Download Buying Guide