Custom On Hold Marketing – About Us

Brian, Allen, Dan, Rich, Karen

Since our inception in 1989, On Hold Marketing has grown from a regional studio to a national provider of music and messaging for On Hold and In Store marketing. Being small keeps us nimble and responsive. Our customers eventually get to know all of us on a first name basis, and during business hours your call will be answered by one of us…yes, a real live person.


We’ve assembled a talented staff that has the precise experience to create great programs, make changes when desired, solve technical problems, or just make those small tweaks that make the difference between “good enough” and “just right”.

If you’ve spent any time on our Staff and Why Us? pages, you’ve seen how our 70 years of combined experience enable us to merge the hardware world of telephone systems with the soft skills needed for effective copy writing, digital audio editing and mixing, and telephone customer service… so you don’t have to.

Telephone and IP Telephony
Script Writing
Digital Audio Editing
Telecom and Internet Audio Delivery

…all right here in one office/studio.

Over the last 20 years we’ve produced over 20,000 custom on hold marketing programs to keep our customer’s marketing strong…and have been rewarded with 96% repeat business. That’s your assurance you’ll be happy.

The next step is yours—call us at (800) 342-0098