On Hold Messages for Senior Care

On Hold Messages for CCRC, Nursing Homes, Hospice, Memory Care, and Assisted Living Communities.

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Your Care and Comfort On Holdsm program will show calling family members that they haven’t been disconnected….and that their loved one is receiving the professional and caring attention they expect.

Caller profile: Family of resident
Call frequency: High/sporadic
Caller attitude: Generally relaxed, but concerned
Recommend Plan: Annual
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A Care and Comfort On Hold Programssm Provides Benefits to Your Community

  • Fewer hang ups
  • Showcase therapy offerings
  • Emphasize recreational activities
  • Promote medical staff and services
  • Feature your full range of accommodations
  • Give family callers a “caring and comforting feeling”.
  • Assure callers of cooperation with insurance plans
  • Ease the anxiety of transition to a community setting

The difference between us and other on-hold companies

  • We do all the work
  • When you call, we answer the phone!
  • Multiple voice talents on every program
  • Programs longer than the industry average
  • In-house writers, studios, sound effects libraries
  • 3 years International HOLDIE Award winners for Creativity
  • 70 years combined telecom, VoIP, production, and marketing experience

As an assisted living organization, hospice care facility or retirement home, you have a number of important responsibilities. Not only must you care for those staying at your facility, you must also provide their families peace of mind knowing their loves ones are being properly cared for. Families can’t always hop in the car and drive to visit their relatives, so proper phone communications is essential.

When individuals call Nursing Homes, Hospice Care facilities or any other place where their family members are staying, they already have a lot on their mind. The last thing they want to do is endure what they perceive to be long hold times. If callers wait on hold in silence for what they perceive to be a prolonged period of time, this could impact your relationship with that family and reflects on your organization’s reputation.

At On Hold Marketing, we provide the solutions assisted living communities need to maintain strong relationships with their residents’ families. Our On Hold messages for senior care provides an array of advantages, as it eliminates a number of factors that could give family a negative impression of your care.

Benefits of our Care and Comfort system include:

  • Fewer hang ups – Callers won’t become confused by silence and think they were disconnected, causing them to hang up and call back with a negative attitude.
  • Easing of family member anxiety – People aren’t always comfortable with the idea of their family member living in a Nursing Home or other care facility. Providing messaging that assures callers that the level of care their loved one is receiving is caring and professional can create a significantly improved On Hold experience and cause family members to feel more at ease.
  • Enhanced marketing efforts – Suppose a caller is evaluating facilities for a loved one. On hold messaging that details the benefits of your particular organization can give potential customers a positive impression of what to expect and can help the sales process. This includes promoting accommodations, staff and recreational activities, which showcases the value of your organization.

Like our other on hold messaging services, we do all the work to ensure your organization is best represented whenever your callers are put on hold. Our writers and studios are in-house, which means your production receives the utmost attention. Where “Care and Comfort” On Hold differs with some of our other industry-specific services is that we write copy, choose music and produce messaging with patients and their family members in mind.

We’ll work with you to determine what key points should be included in your message and use that information to construct dialog that resonates with your callers.

Our combined 40 years of experience in copywriting, telephone equipment and the healthcare and assisted living industries are what sets us apart from the competition. With On Hold messages for senior care, you will be able to promote your organization to all callers and maintain the image of a caring and professional care community.

While moving a loved one to an assisted living community isn’t always easy, there are a lot of options to choose from. Allow yours to stand out by promoting your benefits and alleviating the stress of your callers.

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