On Hold Messaging for Dental Offices

Your Dental Smiles On HoldSM program will show your patients that you do care… and that they haven’t been disconnected.

Caller profile: Dental PatientsOn Hold Messaging for Dentists
Call frequency: High/sporadic
Caller attitude: Often in stressful situations; anxious; impatient
Recommend Plan: Annual
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A Great Smiles On-Hold Program Provides Benefits to Your Dental Practice and Your Patients

  • Fewer hang ups
  • Showcase your specialties
  • New screening info
  • Feature your procedures and diagnostics
  • Share insurance changes
  • Highlight your community participation
  • Promote new locations
  • Provide seasonal health tips
  • Introduce your staff

The difference between us and other on-hold companies

  • We do all the work
  • When you call, we answer the phone!
  • Multiple voice talents on every program
  • Programs longer than the industry average
  • In-house writers, studios, sound effects libraries
  • 3 years International HOLDIE Award winners for Creativity
  • 70 years combined telecom, VoIP, production, and marketing experience
On Hold Messaging for Dentists

Dentistry On Hold

There are few things in this world less pleasant than a toothache. Any pain pertaining to the mouth can be extremely harrowing, and fixing the problem often takes precedent over every other need. When people get sick, some may decide to wait it out and recover on their own, but that’s hardly ever the case with the dentist. Suffering from tooth pain is stressful and can even evoke some irrational behavior.

When individuals call a dentist in an emergency situation time is of the essence. They want to know that they will be serviced right away. Just because a caller gets placed on hold, that doesn’t mean the pain takes a break. The waiting period must be handled appropriately, or else the caller might hang up and call someone else, anyone, who can offer them immediate service.

Unfortunately, during busy periods, dentist offices have no choice but to place callers on hold. If and when this happens, dentist offices cannot afford to lose a connection with their patients. If the caller is forced to listen to a dull message or even silence, they will hang up and, by the time the dental professional is able to help them, they will be long disconnected.

Custom Dentistry On Hold Message Solutions

At On Hold Marketing, Smiles on Hold  is our branded service for on hold messaging for Dentists. This program alleviates the stress callers feel when waiting to receive service while mitigating the risk of hang ups during the on hold period. It’s important to remind callers that they will be okay and that their problem will be handled as soon as physically possible. Hold messaging is the best way to accomplish this. By reducing stress, you will reduce hang-ups and complaints which, in return, will reduce the risk of damaging your reputation.

When individuals begin the process of evaluating dentists to set up a long-term care relationship, they will likely be thinking about potential emergencies. Callers don’t just want someone who will clean their teeth every six months. They are planning for the worst-case-scenario and want someone who they know will be able to help them in the event of a dental disaster.

Proper & Effective On Hold Marketing

This is important information to relay to the caller. Using hold messaging to convey this in a way that puts their mind at ease will go a long way toward establishing a trusting relationship between a patient and the dental practice they ultimately give their business to. If callers are not engaged while waiting to speak with a live representative in a non-emergency situation, they might start to wonder what type of service they’ll receive when an emergency strikes, so producing compelling messaging is key.

On Hold Marketing’s professionals will help dentist offices keep callers engaged long enough to speak with a professional should they have to wait on hold. We have over 70 years of combined experience creating on hold messaging for dentists, so we know what to say and how to say it, which helps our clients establish their credibility. Our service is fully integrated and we team with a staff of in-house writers to generate scripts and we record and produce audio tracks on site.

As a Dentist, You Don’t Need to Worry

No longer will you have to worry about whether or not your patients are waiting too long on hold. By implementing a message constructed by On Hold Marketing, you will inspire confidence in your patients that they have called the right place, regardless if it’s an emergency or not. You are the best practice for your patient’s needs. Our messaging will help them find that out.

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