Distributor Messaging On Hold

Caller profile: Contractors, OEMs, dealers, integrators
Caller frequency: Several times/week
Recommended plan: Quarterly, bi-monthly, or monthly depending on seasonal influences and specials schedule.
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A distributor’s phone is constantly ringing. Dealers and contractors are contacting distributors all day long because they’re looking for availability, delivery, pricing, specs and special orders, among many other types of requests.

This is a good thing. Distributors provide great local information, so their phones are ringing (and going On Hold) frequently. However, just because calls are being made doesn’t mean business is being closed. If callers on hold aren’t compelled to stay on the line, they’ll likely hang up if their wait seems long…and call another company. Studies show at least 50 percent of those who hang up will call a competitor.

Distributor Messaging On Hold provides dealers and contractors with engaging messaging, informing and causing them to remain on hold longer. This improves the ordering process because it keeps the buyer in an ordering mood, not only for the order they called to give, but also for adding the related products that they’re hearing about on the on hold message.

At On Hold Marketing, we offer the hold messaging services you need to ease your callers into a conversation with a sales representative.

Our SalesMaker On-Hold system is specifically for distributors and can help you handle a higher volume of calls, while you effectively inform callers and market your products with compelling messages.

Distributor Messaging On Hold Benefits:

  • You’ll experience fewer abandoned calls
  • You’ll establish stronger brand loyalty
  • Your on hold messaging can point callers to other ways to interact with your business, like your website and social media pages
  • You can increase awareness of your products to new callers

On top of this, one key advantage to using SalesMaker On-Hold is that the solution is tailored to fit the distribution industry. Much like On Hold Marketing’s other branded systems, you will not have to worry about making the messaging fit your company because it is totally customized and designed with your industry in mind. With SalesMaker On-Hold, everything we do — from writing copy to adding music and producing the final product — is done specifically to meet your needs as a distributor.

As an OHMA on hold solutions provider, we possess the skills and experience to ensure your messaging is optimized for your company and that you reach the potential of your marketing initiatives. Our staff of writers and producers understand on hold messaging best practices within the distribution industry and we will work with you to determine the best on hold strategy. As a distributor you may want to update your messaging occasionally to keep up with seasonal deals, promote new products or push aging inventory. With your help, you can rest assured that your messaging is never outdated or inaccurate. By listening to you and getting a handle on your company, we will be able to provide the solutions that fit your needs, even when they change.

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