Colleges and Universities On Hold Messaging

No matter what phone system you have, we can create your production in the format you need.

A new marketing tool for Colleges and Universities                               On Hold Messaging

At this very moment, there are students and and parents holding the line, waiting to talk with someone about enrollment, financial aid, or class schedules. The good news is that you can install informative “Colleges and Universities On Hold Messaging ” onto your existing telephone system.

Caller profile: Students and parents concerned with class availability, financial aid, schedules

Patient’s call frequency: High/sporadic

Caller attitude: Often in stressful situations; anxious; impatient

Education Demo
Education Demo ▶ custom player

Benefits to Community Colleges

  • EVA-approved for easy purchase
  • CISCO phone system compatible
  • No equipment to purchase
You can tell your callers about

  • Transfer programs
  • Your school’s Web site
  • Financial aid
  • Career guidance, training and assessment
Why we’re different

  • We’ll do all the work.
  • We have 70 years combined experience.
  • We have in-house writers, studios, sound effects libraries.
  • We create programs longer than the industry average.
  • We offer multiple voice talents on every program.
  • We’re a member of the On Hold Messaging Association.
  • We’ve won the International HOLDIE award three years for creativity.

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Colleges and Universities On Hold Messaging