Equipment Options

Your phone system may or may not require the purchase of a player.

USB PLAYER $139 (purchase) $199 (purchase)
INTERNET PLAYER $239 one time fee $349 (purchase)

Equipment Option Details

1. USB player: (Program 1 – One-Time Recording Plan)

a. Connects to client telephone system’s audio port.
b. Updates are managed by emailing mp3 file for client to drag and drop onto the player’s USB key.

Takes 5 minutes per update.

2. Internet Player: (Program 2 – MARKETING ON HOLD GOLD PLAN)

a. Connects to client telephone system’s audio port
b. Connects via client Internet router via ethernet cable
c. Updates are managed by player automatically ‘pinging’ our cloud server each night to download new commands and messaging.
d. Other than initial installation, no onsite management required.