On Hold Messaging Systems

Equipment Options for On Hold Messaging

There are two major components of a successful on hold marketing strategy. For one, the messaging must be effective, providing callers with information that compels them to stay on the line as they wait on hold. However, even the most engaging on hold messaging system won’t be effective if the caller can’t hear it clearly.

That’s why the second component of an on hold marketing strategy is crucial. If your telephones are connected to a Voice Over IP Service (VoIP), you won’t need an external player. Instead, you’ll only require an audio file. Please visit our VoIP page for more information.

If your telephones are part of a system located in your office, it’s likely that you’ll need an external player to incorporate your custom on hold marketing program into the phone system.

We’ll help you choose the right player to ensure high audio quality, which ultimately helps the message resonate with the caller. Selecting the proper on hold messaging player can also make it easier to change the content.

With more than 30 years in the business, On Hold Marketing has determined not only the best overall audio solutions, but also the systems that work best for each client. We understand each company is different; their needs vary depending on a number of factors. We consider your industry, the size of your company, and the nature of your on hold marketing campaign, among many other important pieces of information. This ensures that we provide the best possible on hold messaging system to fit your needs.

There are two major player technologies, and the differences between the players can help determine which one is best for your needs. They are:

Messager USB

This system is easy to manage because new program files can be sent via email. It’s great for small businesses with both single and multiple locations that plan to update their on hold messaging up to four times each year. This is the easiest system to install to music-ready phone systems. The user has total control over volume levels and which programs are being played.


This system is perfect for larger companies with multiple facilities that plan to frequently update their messaging. Fresh content is downloaded direct from the studio via internet connection when it receives a request from the digital Remote player.

It’s important to know that the best solution doesn’t always require the installation of new equipment. If your business has a telephone system that can accept audio files, we can support this arrangement. 

Ultimately, we understand that changes within your organization may require you to adjust your on hold marketing strategy. No worries, when it comes to On Hold messaging systems, we’ll always have the right choice for you.