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Advisors Benefit from Financial On Hold Messages

This is the right time for financial institutions to step up their customer services. Silence or even ‘music box’ music just doesn’t make the on hold experience reassuring or useful for the investor.

A team of professional voice talent combined with the right music makes the on hold experience more pleasant and improves how your callers feel about you and the services you provide.

Most popular plan: Semi-annual

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Main Benefits to Financial Institutions

  • Calm callers who are anxious
  • Feature new financial services
  • Promote your Web site
  • Create awareness of new tax savings
  • Offer record keeping tips
The Difference!
The difference between us and other on-hold companies.

  • We do all the work
  • 70 years combined telecom, VoIP, production, and marketing experience
  • In-house writers, studios, and sound effects libraries
  • Programs longer than the industry average
  • Multiple v/o talents on every program
  • Member: On Hold Messaging Association
  • Three years International HOLDIE Award winners for creativity

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Uncertain economic conditions have infused a great deal of stress, confusion and, at times, anger across the country. People want to know their money is safe, which is why financial institutions have the responsibility to be transparent and work with their customers to relieve their anxiety.

This cannot be accomplished with silence. Financial organizations have to capitalize on the opportunities they have to communicate with their customers. Doing so can create stronger relationships with customers and ensure the success of their service efforts.

Financial On Hold messages can help bridge the gap between you and your callers. When a customer calls your financial organization, they are likely stressed or upset, which means the conversation they have with your live rep may start on the wrong foot. These emotions can intensify if they are forced to wait for a long time on hold in silence or with poor quality hold messaging.

Quality on hold messaging can serve as a buffer between upset callers and the professionals tasked with servicing them. Ultimately, your financial organization can only offer the best level of service if callers are calm and you can conduct a rational conversation with them. On hold messaging that conveys the information your callers want to hear can alleviate the struggle between you and your customers when you finally have a live conversation.

There are marketing benefits to this service as well. After all, as an organization you are in business to make money. This involves selling new products and services, and constructing an on hold marketing campaign can help in this area. You can use your on hold messaging to feature new services, promote other communication channels that can be used for profit, such as your website, or even offer financial advice that helps establish your thought leadership in the industry.

Regardless of your needs, at On Hold Marketing, we carefully construct all of your messages so they best fit your company and its services. Our staff is knowledgeable in the market and has a number of years working in the financial industry. By working with us, you will experience the advantages of our talented in-house writers, producers and voice talent. With these resources, you can help calm your customers’ concerns while promoting the great benefits of your organization.