On Hold Messages for Healthcare

Your Patients On HoldSM program will show your patients that you do care…and that they haven’t been disconnected.

On Hold Messages for HealthcareCaller profile: Patients
Call frequency: High/sporadic
Caller attitude: Often in stressful situations; anxious; impatient
Recommend Plan: Quarterly
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A Great On-Hold Program Provides Benefits to Your Practice and Your Patients

  • Fewer hang ups
  • New screening info
  • Introduce your staff
  • Promote new locations
  • Showcase your specialties
  • Provide seasonal health tips
  • Announce insurance changes
  • Highlight your community participation
  • Feature your procedures and diagnostics

The difference between us and other on-hold companies

  • We do all the work
  • When you call, we answer the phone!
  • Multiple voice talents on every program
  • Programs longer than the industry average
  • In-house writers, studios, sound effects libraries
  • 3 years International HOLDIE Award winners for Creativity
  • 70 years combined telecom, VoIP, production, and marketing experience

The healthcare provider evaluation phase can be a stressful procedure for individuals. Selecting a particular doctor requires a tremendous amount of care. These are the people who will be trusted to rescue patients during medical emergencies and provide enough care to keep them consistently healthy. Fortunately for patients, there is an abundance of doctors throughout the country. However, this means healthcare providers must be cognizant of their competition and make smart marketing decisions if they want to stand out in a crowded market.

When individuals call a medical organization for the first time, they know they have a wealth of options at their disposal. If one provider doesn’t fit their needs, they can simply hang up and try the next doctor on their list. While doctors have to be mindful of this, they first must ensure they keep callers on the line long enough to speak with a live representative. Establishing a connection is crucial. Once it is lost, the patient is likely lost as well. People who are forced to wait on hold and listen to dull dialog or silence will hang up. Once they do, they’ll pick up the phone and call someone else.
On Hold Messages for Healthcare
Installing compelling hold messaging will keep callers engaged long enough to receive the answers they are looking for. Implementing an on hold marketing strategy that educates and even entertains the caller while they wait for a live person to pick up on the other end will help maintain connections and increase the chances of landing a new patient.

While keeping a caller on the phone long enough to have a conversation with them doesn’t guarantee they will come on as a new patient, the right hold messaging can help with this effort. Medical consultations begin with a phone call. Potential patients are looking to find out as much information as they can about the organization that will be keeping them healthy, so providers must provide it in a way that lets them know they can  trust the organization they are calling.

On hold messages for healthcare can offer compelling evidence for why the provider they called is the best fit for their specific health needs. Our service, Patients On Hold, can be used to play messages that are both riveting and informative that will pique the caller’s interest while letting them know they called the right healthcare provider. This messaging can include important information, including doctor experience, education credentials and associations the staff are members of.

This data is important because it establishes a sense of credibility right away. Before speaking with a professional about the specifics of their call, patients already know a great deal about their potential physician, which can help them decide if that doctor is right for them. It’s here where hard working medical professionals have an opportunity to show off their acumen.

While speaking with the caller is the ultimate goal, healthcare providers can feel free to use their customized Patients On Hold program to offer free medical tips. This is particularly useful during the cold and flu season. However, it’s important to remember that the healthcare industry is heavily regulated, so messages must be constructed properly without violating any rules pertaining to communication between medical organizations and patients. We work with our customers to help implement the Patients On Hold service and record messages that provide valuable information without risking the violation of any important rules or regulations.

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