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…a service of On Hold Marketing, is more than just the audio portion On Hold Messages. The SalesMaker action plan helps distributors leverage their on hold messages for maximum                                                                                                        product and event awareness!

“Silence On Hold” tells callers:

  • No service
  • No inventory
  • We don’t care

HVAC Phone On Hold picture“SalesMaker On-Hold Programs” Tells callers:

  • We’ll be right with you!
  • Inventory is right here!
  • We appreciate your business!

Unless you’re looking at this after hours, you’re phones are ringing with contractor calls right now about availability, delivery, pricing, specs, and special orders. Since contractors on hold are waiting to order, it makes sense to make their wait more pleasant. Having no message makes the wait seem so much longer than it really is…and if they hang up, there’s a 50% chance they’ll simply call your competition.

Caller profile: Contractors call frequently to order, check prices, track deliveries

Caller frequency: Several times per week…often several times per day!

Recommended plan: At least quarterly depending on seasonal influences and specials

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Now you can estimate your own inbound call volume, Hold-Call hours and number of Hold-Call Sales Opportunities.

Just download the interactive Hold-Call Calculator from the link on the right. It’s fun!

Main Benefits to HVACR Distributors

  • The SalesMaker Mini-Marketing Plan shows you how to “multiply your marketing” and
  • Reduce abandoned calls
  • Reduce contractor complaints about hold time
  • Increase dealer awareness for events/products
  • Increase sales on promotions
  • Build Web site traffic for order entry or events
  • Advertise training seminars
  • Promote incentive programs and trips
  • Feature your people or heating/cooling tech tips
The Difference!
The difference between us and other on-hold companies

  • We do all the work
  • 70 years combined telecom, VoIP, production, and marketing experience
  • In-house writers, studios, and sound effects libraries
  • Programs longer than the industry average
  • Multiple voice talents on every program
  • Member: On Hold Messaging Association
  • Member: HARDI & ASA
  • Three years International HOLDIE Award winners for creativity

As long as individuals continue to want to live in comfortable conditions, HVACR distributors will always be here to provide enhanced branded products to the local network of dealers. However, HVACR distributors must remember that there is a massive amount of competition and those that do not implement the right marketing solutions will lose business to their local competitors.

HVACR dealers have options to choose from when selecting a supplier, and at On Hold Marketing, we provide our distributor clients the solutions they need to truly stand out. We know our clients have savvy inside salespeople on their staff, but if callers waiting on hold hang-up before speaking with them, the sale opportunity is wasted. By implementing our HVAC On Hold Messages, distributors will go a long way toward keeping their customers on the phone so their call (and their order) can be taken.

We help make this possible by implementing solutions that really speak to HVAC dealers. We have 40 years of collective experience with organizations in the industry and currently serve over 500 HVACR distributor locations across the country, so we know what dealers and contractors care about and what will compel them to stay on the line.

It’s all about taking advantage of every opportunity. Our research shows that many distributors underestimate just how many inbound calls they receive on a daily basis. Each call is a new sales opportunity and at On Hold Marketing we ensure they are never squandered.

Enhance your marketing efforts with SalesMaker HVAC On Hold Messages

While on hold messages are our specialty, we understand the value of powerful integrated marketing campaigns. Our SalesMaker solution is an ideal fit for HVAC distributors because we combine on hold solutions with other components of a good marketing strategy. In addition to helping you compose a compelling hold message to engage your callers, we consult with you to ensure you are optimizing the effectiveness of your integrated campaign.

By reviewing your current business environment to determine the best approach, our marketing solutions will help you optimize your sales. Our SalesMaker solution allows us to take this approach with all of your content – including the web copy and any promotional materials – which will help get the most out of every campaign.

Our consultant services also include providing best practices pertaining to your on hold marketing strategy, such as:

Strategic content changes – We want your marketing messages to keep up with any changes in the HVAC/R industry. By refreshing the content frequently, your accurate and relevant messages will go a long way toward establishing credibility in your market.

Informing the sales staff of the contents of the hold messaging – If a caller listens to compelling audio before speaking with a live representative, they may ask a follow up question or two. We will help ensure your live reps have a full understanding of the message callers will be asking about.

Integrate input from live representatives into the messaging – If callers are constantly asking live representatives the same questions, the answers should be added to hold messaging. We help our clients incorporate all of their resources into creating dynamic content.

hvac on hold messagesIt’s an exciting time in the HVAC/R market, as technology has opened new opportunities for both dealers and distributors. by implementing an on hold marketing solution as part of our SalesMaker platform, we promise our customers will be put in the best position to become industry leaders.

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