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Captive Audience Marketing is for In-Store too!

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Not only does On Hold Marketing produce telephone hold messages, we offer in-store music and messages as well. Such music and messaging are designed to captivate your store visitors and widen your overall exposure by informing shoppers of products, services or specials they may not be aware of. We want to make sure your customers always leave with everything they need from your store to make their lives better.

In-Store Music and Messages Demos

Car Wash Promotional Message:
Car Wash Promotional Message ▶ custom player
High Margin Impulse Sale Items Message:
High Margin Impulse Sale Items Message ▶ custom player

For Employees and Shoppers Alike

Quality in-store music and messages shouldn’t be solely focused on marketing and advertising. It is important that it adds to the general ambiance of your store. We want you to create the right environment for your customers and your employees, which is why we carefully craft the right music selection that accounts for the types of customers that set foot in your brick-and-mortar store. Our varied music choices include sounds from many  genres, such as:

  • Easy listening
  • Jazz
  • Soft rock
  • Adult top 40
  • Seasonal music

We offer something for every business. Simply let us know the atmosphere you’d like to create in your store and allow us to help you choose the ideal playlist. When your customers aren’t hearing messages about your latest sales or products, they’re treated to soothing or energizing music while they’re shopping.

Let’s Get Started

Let us know if you have any questions about our in-store message and music services.On Hold Marketing representatives are available at 800-342-0098, or you can contact us by submitting an online form.