Music Samples

On Hold Music for Business

Selecting the proper music for an on hold messaging program is an important aspect of the production. Many of our clients leave the decision to us, but you may have a particular mood or tone you want to create. You can “audition” the various samples we’ve provided below. Keep the following in mind as you listen.

  • Consider the profile of the client/caller that’s on hold on your system. What kind of music do they like? What’s their average age? Are they stressed?
  • Be careful not to choose music that simply appeals to YOU, unless it also aligns with your customer profile.
  • Be aware that the music typically lasts for 8-15 seconds between messages.
  • Be aware that your program might feature multiple changes (between 2-4 musical pieces) during the course of the program.
  • If you’re using a VoIP system  with any degree of limited bandwidth, you should avoid selecting “busy” music featuring many instruments or high/low pitches that may not translate well over a phone line.
  • Jot down the name of any piece you like.

On Hold Music Samples

Jazz Fusion

Light Contemporary

Warm & Caring


Big Band

Modern Jazz

Smooth Jazz

Modern Pop


Techno Dance

Traditional Jazz

Piano Jazz

New Age

Acoustic Guitar