How marketing to the right audience will help identify the ‘voice’ of your business

Think of the last time you spoke with your parents, siblings or, if you have them, your children. Think of the last time you spoke with your significant other. That may have happened this morning as you went out the door to go to work. Think of the last time you hung out with your friends, maybe over dinner and drinks. The way you spoke — your vocabulary, your volume, etc. — was probably different in each of these encounters. That’s because you have developed a voice that best suits each interaction and resonates most effectively with each audience.

Marketing to Your Target Audience

As a business, the same principle applies. As industries vary, so do the customers. If you’re a mechanic, you’re going to speak with customers a certain way, which will be remarkably different than the way a fashion retail store clerk speaks with their customers, or the manner in which a doctor speaks with his or her patients.

This principle should be incorporated into your on hold messaging. Remember, when callers wait on hold, it’s your duty to engage them, and that will be difficult if there’s a communication gap. If your On Hold message doesn’t resonate with your audience, your message will simply not be heard or responded to. That doesn’t mean they won’t physically hear it, it simply won’t resonate with them, because your message isn’t tailored to that audience.

Working with an OHMA on hold messaging services will allow you to identify the people you want to engage with and develop messaging that resonates with them.