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HARDI HVACR Distributors – On Hold Company

Welcome HARDI HVACR Members!

Would finding an on hold partner with “tons” of HVAC/R experience be a good thing?

On Hold Marketing has been producing sales-building audio on-hold programs for HVACR companies since 1989. Customers tell us that their SalesMaker On Hold System, plus our HVAC/R experience, saves them tons of time throughout the entire process of equipment set-up, program design, scripting, productions and updating.

Allen Brown, VP/Special Projects and Productions, creates your customized SalesMaker On Hold System, designed specifically for wholesale distributors. It is based on Allen and Dan’s years of experience working with the HVAC/R industry and the knowledge to help you “multiply your marketing”. Not simply messages-on-hold, the SalesMaker On-Hold System will be just part of your overall SalesMaker marketing plan to help you improve product promotion, education of callers and branch personnel, dealer participation in programs and training.and show you how to better capitalize on sales opportunities created by your customized SalesMaker programs.

OHM writers and voice talent have been producing industry-technical HVAC/R productions for over 25 years. You’ll get the HVACR terms pronounced right the first time, saving you production delays and saving your credibility by making sure industry terms and phrases are produced correctly and “like our industry says ’em”. We’re members of HARDI and ASA. We keep up with your industry in addition to staying abreast of the most popular HVACR trade journals.

Dan’s direct HVAC experience?

12 years in various hands-on and management positions including: Heating Technician, I.B.R. Hydronics School, Heat Pump School, HVAC Installation, HVAC Accessories Distributor Sales Management, & HVACR Manufacturer’s Representative.

Plus, 24 years helping HVACR Distributors increase their bottom line by creating for them a totally customized SalesMaker On Hold System.

Allen and Dan are familiar with the products in your inventory and know how to use your on-hold wait time to increase your sales. A SalesMaker On Hold Marketing program will do infinitely more for your business than silence or radio. and our customers tell us that only two to three new average sales tickets per month pays for it. Want to know how the numbers will look for your business? You can ask for an analysis that will show you, based on our own industry statistics and your company structure, how the numbers will work for your company, and why our client renewal rate has consistently exceeded 96% since 1989.

Ready to get started? Give us a call at (888) 876-9391