Best On Hold Staff

Best On Hold Staff Rich Moncure, PresidentRich Moncure

Prior to On Hold Marketing, Rich spent 20 years in telecommunications working for such giants as Williams Communications, Nextira One, Bell Atlantic and Nortel Networks. Therefore, he naturally knows telephone systems and their capabilities and limitations. Additionally, Rich is an accomplished musician, composer and arranger. Rich traveled the United States for 6 years, touring with several music groups. Rich still performs regularly with KOS in Richmond.

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Best On Hold Staff Dan Bryant, Vice-President/Business DevelopmentDan Bryant
Vice-President/Business Development

If you want help “multiplying your marketing”, talk to Dan. He’s been helping businesses and practices improve their bottom lines for over 24 years with audio marketing, the latest telecom technologies and the most effective messaging. Whether you represent a single office or 200 locations, Dan’s experience will have you on-line easier and faster. The real significance of Dan’s experience is that you’ll spend much less time educating us on how to properly promote your products and services, on your target market, and on the marketing methodologies typical to your industry. You’ll also find that Dan’s familiarity with HVAC/R, Plumbing, Electrical, Roofing, Electronics & Medical will save you tons of time. He knows how to use audio marketing to multiply your existing advertising, marketing, sales, incentive, certification, training and promotional programs, all while keeping your staff informed and your customers on the line wanting more of the best On Hold!

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Best On Hold Writer Brian Illes, Vice-President/OperationsBrian Illes

Brian Illes joined On Hold Marketing after a 20-year career as radio station program director and on air personality in markets in the eastern United States. Not only skilled as a writer, producer and voice talent for On Hold Marketing, Brian is a true wizard at overseeing our studio production and tending to Customer Service. We still don’t know how he does it but customers LOVE HIM. Our customers contact him, and vice versa, when it’s time for program updates and whenever a technical question arises. Brian also has a wide-ranging knowledge of auto attendant, IVR and prompt systems, and works closely with On Hold Marketing customers to make these systems easy to use and customer-friendly.

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Best On Hold Producer Allen Brown, Vice-President/Special Projects & ProductionAllen Brown
Vice-President/Special Projects & Production

After just 5 minutes with Allen Brown you’ll know: here is 100% talent, 300% nice guy. Like the rest of our staff, Allen comes to On Hold Marketing because of his diversified talents and wealth of creative experience. Allen trained at the prestigious Berklee College of Music in Boston, and after enjoying a successful career as a touring musician, he’s spent time in a telecommunications environment giving support to customers nationwide. In continuing his musical endeavors, Allen arranges and performs before thousands every year as vocalist, pianist and trumpet player for KOS, a well known 11 piece performing group in Virginia. He has also created several production pieces for Theatre IV of Virginia and is often cast in leading dramatic roles in the outstanding productions presented at Richmond’s West End Assembly of God. Allen Brown…just another reason that when it comes to better, more creative audio branding, On Hold Marketing is “playing your song.”

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Karen Collier
Business Administrator

For over two decades, Karen Collier has been helping business offices across Central Virginia run more efficiently, and help those businesses serve their clients more effectively. From Fortune 500 companies to Mom and Pop operations, Karen has helped improve the operations at each stop on her professional journey. In April 2015, On Hold Marketing hit the Business Administrator Lottery Jackpot when Karen joined our team following the retirement of Barbara Gardner. Karen’s the perfect fit on our team, with the skills to keep the four boys in line as well as to work with our clients to answer any question or come up with a creative solution to any billing or payment issue..

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Best On Hold Founder Lloyd Shockley, 1942-2008Lloyd Shockley
Founder, 1942-2008

Lloyd Shockley passed away on August 30, 2008. He was the Founder of On Hold Marketing in 1989 and was regarded as a pioneer in our industry. Many that have known Lloyd will always recall how his deep, baritone voice would fill a room. But it was his unique gift for creativity and his passion to entertain that elevated his craft to such high levels. His work repeatedly received nationwide accolades in the form of numerous awards within the industry association known as OHMA (On Hold Messaging Association). For many of us that witnessed Lloyd in the creative process, the marvel was that it appeared to be so effortless to him. His mind seemed to always churn creative thoughts in ways that attracted a listener’s attention.

Prior to creating On Hold Marketing, Lloyd owned and operated The Shockley Agency, a full service advertising company. Upon the creation of Lloyd’s first “on hold messaging” solutions for one of his clients, Lloyd saw the vision for creating On Hold Marketing. From there, Lloyd grew the company to nearly 500 customers over the next 16 years.