Telephone Hold Messages – FAQ

Q: What does an on hold program cost?

A: Cost is based on how many custom on-hold message programs you need, number of locations, and if you need to purchase equipment. We have several popular program offerings but will gladly create a special one for you. Your On Hold Marketing Account Representative will give you specifics based on your unique needs. Typically our 6-minute programs start at as low as $39 a month for an annual, payable annually.

Q: What about the equipment costs for an on hold program?

A: If your telephone system requires a digital On Hold Player, we’ll help you choose a player that will serve your best depending on how often you change your messages, number of locations, ease of use, and budgets. Players range in price from $195 – $590.

Q: What kind of agreement do I have to sign?

A: A 12 month cancelable usage and music rights agreement documents our responsibilities to you.

Q: Do I have to write the scripts for our on hold messages?

A: No. We’ll do all that. We just need about 30 minutes of your time so we can learn about your business. Our professional copywriters will draft your script for your review and approval. We’ll re-write it as many times as we need for your approval. Only when we have your final approval do we produce your program. We’ve been writing effective advertising copy for over 25 years, so you can rely on us.

Q: How often can I change the content of my custom on hold message programs?

A: You can change your program any time by paying a small a la carte studio fee. However, you can save money by considering one of several popular plans (eg: semi-annual, quarterly, or monthly). Your On Hold Marketing Account Representative can help you evaluate how your business or practice changes during the course of a year, helping you decide the best program for your business. We provide great flexibility should you want more programs than the agreement calls for.

Q: What do I do when it’s time to update our on hold messages?

A: You’ll receive a fax or e-mail whenever it’s time to update your program. Let us know you’re ready and we’ll contact you for the details. Once you receive your new program, you only need to add it to your player. We do always request that you call us when you install a new program so that we can check the volume and sound quality. As we’ve said before, it really is that simple!

Q: What happens after everything is installed?

A: Our customer service sets us apart. We don’t run and hide after the sale. You’ll hear from us when it’s time for a new program. Often we just check in to see how your on hold program is performing for you. With On Hold Marketing, you always have a contact name and phone number, always have a copy of our agreement, always have a copy of your current script, and a Customer Courtesy Copy of your program for reference. Should there ever be a technical, equipment, billing or program question, you simply call us and get a straight answer – fast. The others don’t do this. We receive calls every week from customers of other dealers looking for help. It seems their dealer has disappeared, hoping never have to service that customer again. Not us. We’ve, been here for 20 years and plan for at least 20 more. As a result, our customers have rewarded us with an impressive 96% renewal rate of our services year after year. To you, that fact should speak volumes.

Q: What do I own? What don’t I own?

A: If you buy your equipment from us directly, you own it immediately. The creative audio programs that we produce remain our intellectual property at all times. You may continue to use them for only as long as you pay for our services. We pay annual music license and voice talent fees that cover your use of the telephone hold messages for as long as you’re an On Hold Marketing customer-in-good-standing.

Q: How is the on hold equipment connected to my phone system?

A: Quite Simply! 90% of all phone systems have the connection required to hook our player up in five minutes or less. In most cases, installation of our equipment is easier than connecting a VCR to a TV. In the other 10% of phone systems, your original telephone hardware provider can hook our equipment to your system in about 15 minutes.

Q: How does this affect how my phone system works

A: Our service runs on the “Hold” circuit only. It does not affect any auto-attendant message you may have, or how the auto-attendant answers your phones. It does not change the way your voice mail system sounds or works. We also provide Auto-Attendant Messages, and audio messages for voice mail systems. Ask your On Hold Marketing account representative for additional information.