On Hold Productions – Our Process

On Hold Marketing is an On Hold Messaging Association member and our process is consistent with our commitment to providing the best on hold productions for our customers. Not only do we help alleviate the stress of launching a new marketing strategy, our process has helped our customers obtain the on hold messaging they need to be successful. We work with our clients, combining our marketing prowess with their expertise in their respective field, to establish the best possible campaign for their company. The effectiveness of this process has been shown in our customer retention, as 96 percent of our clients have consistently renewed our services since 1989.

Our process is as follows:

We listen…

We begin with a simple outline of the topics you want to feature in your new On Hold Marketing messages. By providing us with this information, we can effectively apply it to on hold messaging that resonates with your buying personas and entices them to stay on the line when they are put on hold. We use this time to evaluate your current environment and determine what equipment you will need for your on hold campaign.

We write…

The next step involves writing the actual script of your message. This is based on your caller profile, current marketing strategies, the contents of your web site and the topics you want us to talk about. Your On Hold program will be approximately six minutes long and is broken down into eight to 10 20-second messages. Before these go live, we give our customers an opportunity to review each message and make any necessary changes. Our goal is to ensure each message represents your company to the best of its ability.

We produce…

The final step is to get the message produced and implemented into your telephone system. We have a great selection of professional voice artists (one on staff) and use soundtrack quality music to really enhance the on hold experience. We record music that fits the your target market to ensure that it will resonate with your callers.

One major advantage of our service is our in-house studio. We know we have the best resources to listen, write and produce because many resources are all under one roof. Once this process is complete, we create on hold productions that will educate, engage, inspire and entertain your callers.